Sports car models for less than 75 000 euros.


Buying a sports car is the dream of many individuals! Buy coup de coeur, investment, want to hold the wheel of a vehicle of legend. The good reasons to take the leap do not miss! There are thus many models, accessible for less than 75,000 euros, which can be financed by a consumer credit.


Sports car: The Vertige Speed

Sports car: The Vertige Speed


Powerful engine, responsive braking: the performance is the signature of the sports car, as well as its racy and aggressive lines.

Do not expect to transport your family in a sports car, the standard is in both places. If it is intended for the road, its nature makes it a beast of circuit, where it is also possible to free his horses and to confront the extent of its possibilities, with a good shot of steering wheel. The sports car has its own brands, from Aston Martin to Porsche via Lotus or Maserati. But the major manufacturers all have their prestigious models in the category.


1. What Sports Car For Less than 30 000 euros?



Buying a sports car for less than 30,000 euros is now totally conceivable, both new and used.

As for new cars, it is possible to turn to Alfa Romeo. The Italian manufacturer offers its very racy Giulia, a coupe whose lines win all votes. The vehicle has the advantage of being very secure, since it obtained 5 stars at Euro NCAP. Heir to the GT, the Opel GTC is a real sports car combined with a rather urban character. Perfect to have fun once the urban limits exceeded!

On the side of the occasion, Jaguar XK8 can be found between 20,000 and 30,000 euros. The model, powerful engine and full equipment, cost more than 80,000 euros when it was released! Connoisseurs will be able to turn to a Lotus Elise, a racetrack well known on circuit, light and (very) powerful. Less than 6 seconds are enough to go from 0 to 100 km / h!


2. What Sports Car for Less than 40 000 euros?



For less than 40,000 euros, “historic” or “classic” sports car models can be bought on second hand. This is for example the case of certain vehicles of the Porsche manufacturer, like the 911 or the 718 Cayman. These two references of sporty driving combine a racy look, a powerful engine and a recognizable look at a glance!

In new, for less than 40 000 euros, it is possible to turn to Subaru, and its models with powerful engines and impeccable handling. Several models are available for this price: the XV, the Forester – and its declination Sport – and the Levorg. A fan of the Japanese manufacturer is therefore spoiled for choice, especially as occasion, it is not the Impreza that are missing!

Those who love the comfort, look and performance of German manufacturers can opt for a BMW Z4 Roadster. It is available from 37,150 euros, already well equipped version, especially with regard to safety!

3. What Sports Car for Less Than 50 000 euros?



For a budget of less than 50,000 euros, sports car models are not lacking. Let’s start with a classic: the Nissan 370Z Coupé. With its V6 engine and 344 horsepower, it is a race car not to put in inexperienced hands! A confirmed driver, him, can enjoy his pace and the sound of his engine, ideally on circuit or closed road, to let the V6 all the pleasure of purring!

The idea of ​​driving in Cadillac can also tickle the sports car enthusiast. In this case, the ATS Coupé must be turned. It displays 276 horsepower, a maximum speed of 230 km / h, a unique look and many inveterate fans!

At Subaru, the WRX – heiress to the legendary Impreza, whose general look it is – is a reference for lovers of Japanese.


4. What Sports Car for Less than 75 000 euros?



With a budget of up to 75,000 euros for the purchase of a sports car, these are models with extraordinary performances that can be offered to enthusiasts:

• the Infiniti Q60 Coupé with 320 horsepower, up to 250 km / h and 100 km / h in less than 6 seconds;

• the Audi S3 Cabriolet, which costs around € 56,000, and has a unique look that fans of the brand can only enjoy;

• The Lotus Exige, which will turn all the heads in the street, and it is better to enjoy on a circuit since the vehicle passes the 100 km / h in less than … 4 seconds!

• The Jaguar F-Type Coupé and its 340 horses, accessible in nine for about 70 000 euros.

That’s it, you chose your sports car less than 75 000 euros? 


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